Schlage ND Classroom Security Lock | Richmond Locksmith Blog

Schlage ND Classroom Security Lock | Richmond Locksmith Blog

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A huge market right now for locksmiths is Emergency school lockdown procedures or “Active Shooter” as well as other institutions and even some commercial applications. However, for schools, there are so many security products on the market and a lot of it is just useless. Schlage has a great system. They call this the “classroom security function.” Basically, when you think about it, it is an Institutional lock so you have keys on both sides and it’s a classroom function. So again, you have keys on both sides. It’s a classroom function, but it can be locked down from the inside if there is an emergency. The Classroom teacher would have an “Emergency key” and if the alarm system or the speaker system sounds for “Lock Down Procedures” the teacher would from the inside of the door lock the door. From the inside, even though it’s got a lock on the inside, you can always open the door from the inside and it shows you which way if you can put the key in. From the outside, it’s a classroom function. When I put the key in, from the outside it becomes a storeroom function! So it’s always locked, you can’t get out, but the inside you can still come and go as you please. So, for during the day, when the school, the janitor, or the teacher, whoever unlocks the door, they do classic classroom function. Let’s unlock it. The kids can come and go as they please, it’s not a problem. If there’s a problem and you have to go to emergency lockdown procedures, all the teacher has to do is put their key in on the inside, turn it, that way, to the lock position. Now, it’s a class, it’s turned it into a storeroom function now. They can’t get in from the outside, just the teacher just simply just turn it and from the inside, you can still get out. So no matter what happens, you could always open the door from the inside and get out. From the outside, you just lock down the door. Quick, fast, efficient, easy upgrade for the school. When the “All Clear” is sounded and after the situation is over, the teacher can just turn it back into the classroom function, it’s just regular, again back to where it was. For a quick easy upgrade to your school, for emergency lockdown procedures, I highly recommend this is the Schlage, Schlage ND-Series and it’s called the “Classroom Security Function.”

In conclusion, the lock is an Institutional lock and it’s called the Classroom security. Love it, it’s absolutely fantastic for the schools. Quick, easy upgrade. Yes, there are more secure products we can install but again, for quickly getting your school retrofitted into complying with the emergency lockdown procedures, this is a fantastic product.



Mr. Locksmith Richmond Schlage ND Classroom Security Lock



Mr. Locksmith Richmond Schlage ND Classroom Security Lock



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School or Education Lockdown / Active Shooter Locks: Schlage ND Classroom lock