Gun Safes Richmond

Gun Safes Richmond BC

Gun Safes Richmond. Store and secure your most valuable possessions with confidence and peace of mind. At Mr. Locksmith Richmond, we offer a range of commercial and domestic safes and security products. We only sell trusted brands in fire, burglary, depository and custom safes. Our wide variety of safes is sourced from factories around the globe, with some being made here in Canada to ensure you get the right premium-quality safe. Perfect for any Canadian home or business, our security products also include padlocks, key cabinets, safe locks, in-floor safes and more. Call us anytime to find the right security product for you.

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More Than Just for Guns, store your firearms but also other valuables (camera / video gear, collectables, jewelry, watches, etc.)

  • Fire Resistant Gun Safe.
  • Quality LaGard High-Security Electronic Lock.
  • Cannot be defeated/opened by any magnet (even my rare-earth hockey puck magnet).
  • 7x 1 1/2 inch diameter moving locking bolts.
  • Pre-drilled for anchoring to the floor.
  • Anchoring hardware included.
  • Upholstered adjustable interior.
  • Hard plate (tough to drill)
  • 3 Deadbolts

Our favorite Gun Safe:

Mr. Locksmith Gun Safe 24 Gun Capacity

Price:  $1630.00
Outside Size: 27.5″ X 24″ X 18.5″
Inside Size: 23″ X 21.25″ X 11.25″
Weight: 265 lbs


Mr. Locksmith GS5939H-E 39 Gun Capacity

Price:  $2340.00
Outside Size: 59″ X 39″ X 24″
Inside Size: 54″ X 35.5″ X 17″
Weight: 980 Pounds


Mr. Locksmith Richmond (604) 239-2103