Garage Door Opener Richmond

Garage Door Opener Richmond

Mr. Locksmith Garage Door Repair Richmond (604-757-6557)

  • Garage door opener repair
  • Garage Door Auto Close
  • Garage Door Remotes

We provide the following garage door remotes:

  • Genie GM3T-BX Genie Master Remote
    Genie G3T-BX Intellicode Remote
    GITR-3 Three Button Remote – 390Mhz
    Allstar 9931T-318 Door Opener Control
    Digi-Code DC5010 300 Mhz
    Digi-Code DC5042 310 Mhz
    LiftMaster 371LM
    LiftMaster 375LM
    LiftMaster 375LM
    LiftMaster 387LM
    LiftMaster 890MAX
    LiftMaster 893MAX
    LiftMaster 895MAX
    LiftMaster 971LM
    Linear DT 1-Channel Remote Control
    Linear LB “Ladybug” (also know as MINI-T)
    MultiCode 3089
    Linear Stanley 1050
    Stinger 390GED21V – Genie Compatible
    Stinger 390LMD21V
    Firefly 300MCD21K
    Chamberlain Liftmaster 387 LM Universal Keyless Entry System
    Eagle EG640 Chrome Series 1 –  Button keychain remote/Transmitter

If you’re looking to order a new garage door remote in Vancouver give us a call. We’re your premier supplier for Garage Door Remote Vancouver. Call us direct at (604) 757-6557.



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