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Salvador Dali Woman Aflame Sculpture | Mr. Locksmith

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The Chali-Rosso Art Gallery on Saturday unveiled a $2.5 million Salvador Dali sculpture called Woman Aflame in downtown Vancouver.

The nearly four-metre tall bronze sculpture will be exhibited at the corner of West Hastings and Hornby Street until Sept. 1.

Dali was a prominent Spanish surrealist who created an expansive and multimedia collection that included paintings, film, sculpture, and photography. He died in 1989.

This sculpture unites two of Dalí’s obsessions: fire, and a female figure with drawers.  The flames seem to have a life of their own, and represent the hidden intensity of unconscious desire, while the drawers represent the mystery of hidden secrets.  This beautiful faceless woman symbolizes all women.  For Dali, a woman’s mystery is her true beauty

Dali Woman Aflame Mr. Locksmith in Vancouver

Dali Woman Aflame Mr. Locksmith in Vancouver












Dali Woman Aflame Mr. Locksmith

Dali Woman Aflame Mr. Locksmith in Vancouver












Dali Woman Aflame Mr. Locksmith









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